Monday, October 10, 2005

US Congress Escalates Its War Against Men: Author Marc Rudov Responds with Landmark Article, 'Will She Call 911 on You?'

Los Gatos, CA (PRWEB) October 10, 2005 -- To lambaste the US Congress for reauthorizing VAWA 2005, an anti-male domestic-violence law widely considered unconstitutional, Marc H. Rudov, author of The Man’s No-Nonsense Guide to Women: How to Succeed in Romance on Planet Earth TM (ISBN 0974501719), has published a landmark article, “Will She Call 911 on You?”

Rudov’s treatise warns that -- using VAWA -- the federal government drives local governments to abridge every man’s civil rights, automatically presuming him guilty in all domestic-violence cases and 911 calls. Any man unaware of VAWA is risking his safety. Details about Rudov’s book, The Man’s No-Nonsense Guide to Women, and his new article, which teaches men how to profile potential 911 abusers, are available at

VAWA (Violence Against Women Act), the brainchild of Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE), became law in 1994 under President Clinton. Senator Biden, who frequently refers to VAWA as “my baby,” smelled a political opportunity to capitalize on the outrage over the murder of OJ Simpson’s wife. By distorting domestic-violence (DV) data in favor of women, Biden convinced his colleagues, on both sides of the aisle, to push his anti-male legislation through Congress into law.

VAWA, a time-limited law whose premise is “men are sexual predators and women helpless victims,” was reauthorized in 2000 and again on October 4, 2005. It now needs President Bush’s signature to become law once again. Despite being a federal law, VAWA funds local governments and local women’s shelters -- to the tune of more than $4 billion annually. Men, who, in reality, are DV victims almost half the time, are entitled to none of this funding -- a violation of the 14th Amendment (equal-protection clause) of the US Constitution. VAWA, in addition to being unconstitutional, does not penalize women who abuse it. Alas, Mr. Biden’s “baby” has become an enfant terrible, prompting many Democrat and Republican legislators, feminist organizations such as NOW, and groups like Amnesty International to brainwash girls and women into believing that men are dangerous animals to be restrained.

According to Author Rudov: “Congress’s anti-male stance exists for one reason: to gain the female vote. Ironically, this well-orchestrated war against men will hurt women as well. Witness the hypocrisy of feminists celebrating as Geena Davis plays the first female president on ABC’s Commander in Chief -- demonstrating that women are as strong and capable as men -- while they simultaneously claim to be helpless victims of men and rally legislators, at every turn, to trample men’s civil rights into the ground. Male sexism is now so pervasive that police on autopilot arrest any man named by a woman in a 911 call -- even if her call is fraudulent. Worse, women are almost never jailed or sanctioned for DV fraud. And, would you believe that the USCIS, formerly the INS, now grants an automatic greencard to any immigrating wife wielding a DV police report -- even if her report is fraudulent? It’s true. VAWA has no checks and balances.”

Rudov continued: “Because VAWA puts every man at such a severe disadvantage in any situation with a female, the faster he can discern the women most likely to abuse DV laws, the safer he’ll be. My article ‘Will She Call 911 on You?’ helps him do that.” Rudov concluded: “Unless elected officials -- from the statehouse to the White House -- terminate this unjustified, deplorable war against men, women soon will discover that no more men are willing to get married. Then, the family will die and the out-of-wedlock birthrate will skyrocket. How’s that for good social policy, Senator Biden?”

Key Endorsements of “Will She Call 911 on You?”"

Terrific job, Marc. Should be required reading for all young men who are starting the dating and relationship process. Today's male-female relationship situation stands the concept of innocent-until-proven-guilty on its head."-- Jim Kouri, CPP, Fifth VP, National Association of Chiefs of Police (

"Insightful and very timely advice. As a divorce and domestic-violence attorney, I often advise men to watch out for the warning signs of impending disaster. Getting involved with a professional victim, or someone who has been abused in the past, is a real threat to a man's well-being, not to mention his civil rights and even liberty. If a man is already involved, he needs to get out, fast!"-- Lisa Scott, Esq., founding member of Taking Action Against Bias in the System (

"Marc Rudov's insightful, disturbing, and well-written article underscores the need for men to tread very cautiously in relationships with women. The personal and financial risks of relationships are too often the equivalent of investing one's life savings in fly-by-night Pink Sheet penny stocks."-- Mark Klein, MD, board-certified psychiatrist (

"Good article, Marc. Some of the behavior you describe is compatible with bipolar disorder and other mental conditions related to affective states. I have much sympathy with men now developing relationships with women—especially young women, because today's girls, unlike their mothers and grandmothers, are indoctrinated routinely in early childhood with anti-male propaganda."-- Robert A. Fink, MD, FACS, neurosurgeon, founder of California Parents United, Inc. (

Contrary to popular belief, Author Rudov maintains that men and women are from the same planet but, unfortunately, have been socialized differently and programmed for conflict. He counsels men that the only way to succeed with women is to remove their layers of socialized behavior and find women who have done, or are willing to do, likewise. The Man's No-Nonsense Guide to Women: How to Succeed in Romance on Planet Earth teaches them how. Men and women, as well as a growing number of psychotherapists, are becoming adherents of the book and validating its principles.

The 137-page book (ISBN 0974501719), published by MHR Enterprises, is available for $17.95 via Borders, Hastings, and Barnes & Noble stores, as well as,,,, AtlasBooks at 800.247.6553, and The book’s Website contains a Dear No-Nonsense Advisor column, the No-Nonsense Dating online service, the blog, No-Nonsense News, as well as Rudov’s articles, radio interviews, and scheduled events.

Marc H. Rudov, an investment banker and business consultant residing in Silicon Valley, California, received his formal education in engineering, with a BSEE from the University of Pittsburgh, and business, with an MBA from Boston University. He obtained his vast informal training in relationships with women through over a decade in the dating world after his divorce. Rudov is the author of The Man’s No-Nonsense Guide to Women: How to Succeed in Romance on Planet Earth (ISBN 0974501719). In addition to his book, he wrote the following articles:

· “Will She Call 911 on You?
· “Why Men Avoid Commitment”
· “Cellular Compatibility & Great Sex”
· “Why Men Dread Valentine’s Day”
· “Romance Lessons from Tsunami Animals”
· “Did You Make Your New Year’s Revolution?”
· “Can Men and Women Really Get Along?”
· “How Every Man Can Land His Dream Woman”
· “The Golden Rule Dictates Your Sex Life”
· “Five Myths About Women.”

Rudov has appeared on many national and local radio programs, and his musings can be found on and

“How to Succeed in Romance on Planet Earth” and “Life with her needn’t be an endless game of chess” are trademarks of MHR Enterprises.Contact:Marc H. Rudov408-499-0115


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