Sunday, October 09, 2005

It's Time 2 TLK About Domestic Violence

The Verizon Wireless TXT poll is part of Liz Claiborne and Marie Claire's
Its Time to Talk Day on October 11th, a day designed to get all Americans
talking about domestic violence. Around the country, media personalities,
government officials, domestic violence advocates, businesses and the public-
at-large will be taking a moment -- or more -- to talk openly about the issue
of domestic violence. More information about It's Time to Talk Day activities
and how individuals, companies, organizations and schools can get involved can
be found at

Verizon Wireless is a recognized corporate leader in the area of domestic
violence prevention. The company works to prevent domestic violence and raise
awareness of the issue through the company's HopeLine(R) program. HopeLine,
currently in its 10th year, collects wireless phones and accessories from any
wireless service provider, and then refurbishes the phones or recycles them in
an environmentally friendly way. Proceeds from the HopeLine program benefit
victims of domestic violence and non-profit advocacy agencies, providing
essential communication tools of wireless phones and wireless services, and
financial grants.

For more information on Verizon Wireless's HopeLine program or how to
donate a wireless phone, visit
Since 1991 Liz Claiborne Inc has been working to end domestic violence.
Through its Love Is Not Abuse Program, the company provides information and
tools that men, women, children, teens and corporate executives can use to
learn more about the issue and find out how they can help end this epidemic.

* Wireless customers should check with their carrier to see if they are
participating in the text poll.


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