Monday, October 10, 2005

‘Smart at Love’ Blog Gets Public Makeover after it’s Declared a ‘Loser’ by Blog Experts

Love expert and singles psychologist discovers her blog needs an extreme makeover and gets a prescription treatment from The Blog Squad.

(PRWEB) October 10, 2005 – Annie Dennison, Ph. D., is an expert on giving advice to smart singles. Her website, is a clever portal for those seeking a better, smarter way to be successfully single. But Dr. Dennison’s blog,, is a 'big fat loser.'

Two or three visitors a day. No comments from readers, and only a few posts. And she calls herself a ‘smart’? Enter The Blog Squad, Patsi Krakoff, and Denise Wakeman, co-authors of "Build a Better Blog: The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Your Business with a Professional Blog”, and keepers of the site,

These two blog experts are bent on rescuing this blog from the ho-hum of mediocrity.“Like Annie and her Smart at Love blog, many professionals simply don’t know how to use the built-in features and designs of their blogging software,” explains Ms. Wakeman. “So they don’t drive traffic to their blogs, and they don’t convert readers to clients.”Blogging software has become available to everyone and because it doesn’t require any special tech skills; any professional can put up a blog and start posting articles.

Therein lies the problem: Blogging is too easy. Unless the professional knows how to use a blog for driving traffic and converting readers to clients, it becomes one more chore to do.“The blog I had excitedly launched as an adjunct to my commercial site( quickly fizzled and became, well, a real anti-climax,” says Dr. Dennison. “Now, with the help of the Blog Squad,

I intend to use my blog to build credibility with a loyal audience of women who can learn to be smart at love and dating.”“My new blog will provide the platform for the love advice column and book I am writing, and will also prove that a psychologist can have a sense of humor!” Each month, Wakeman and Krakoff target a high potential “Loser Blog,” and design and implement a weekly plan for improvement. Weekly coaching sessions and task lists ensue.

Willing blog clients must be transparent about the process, and use the blog posts to record their changes. This intense learning environment creates a Blog Squad makeover, and plenty of ways visitors can see how to improve their own blogs.Blogs are now common enough that Business Week recently ran a cover story titled ‘How Blogs Are Changing Your Business’. It’s estimated that a new blog is now started every 7 seconds.

Blog is short for “web log,” and they are simple websites that anyone can create, allowing reader interaction.Annie’s challenge is to create visible results during the month of October, with the coaching of Krakoff and Wakeman. Her goal is to attract hundreds of regular visitors per day by month’s end, and increase sales at her site from blog visitors.About Denise Wakeman and Patsi KrakoffDenise Wakeman,, and Patsi Krakoff,, are authorities in helping independent professionals and small businesses to grow and prosper through optimizing their blogs. Between them, they have 6 blogs they post to on a regular basis covering topics from Internet marketing, blogs, ezine marketing, writing your book through your blog, and business book reviews.

For more information visit or contact Patsi Krakoff, e-mail protected from spam botsDenise Wakeman, e-mail protected from spam bots or see their progress right now at the Smart at Love Blog at


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