Tuesday, October 11, 2005

ADL: Millions More Sideshow Offers a Who's Who of Racists

NEW YORK, Oct. 11 /U.S. Newswire/ -- A roster of speakers distributed by the organizers of the upcoming Millions More Movement to publicize a kick-off event includes several "noted racists and anti-Semites on the extremist fringe," according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), validating concerns that the tenor and leadership of this major gathering of African-Americans in Washington, D.C. will be tainted by bigotry.

"All along, Louis Farrakhan and his minions have suggested that this march will be different, that it will embrace diversity in a show of solidarity and strength," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL national director. "Now we see what he means. Already the sideshows surrounding this event are being stacked with noted racists and anti-Semites on the extremist fringe. One can only wonder what this portends for the main event itself."

A list of speakers made available to news organizations for the kick-off event of the Millions More Movement features prominent racists and others who have previously espoused virulent anti-Semitic and racist views, according to ADL. They are scheduled to appear on a pre-march "Black Family Conference" program on Oct. 14 at the Scripture Cathedral Church in downtown Washington. Titled "Reparations, Healing and Hurricane Katrina," the event puts these extremists side-by-side with prominent mainstream African-American leaders.

According to ADL, the pre-march event is being organized by the virulently anti-Semitic and racist Malik Zulu Shabazz, leader of the New Black Panther Party, who has been chosen by Minister Louis Farrakhan as one of the major organizers of the Millions More Movement.

ADL cited several speakers at the event as having a long and unrepentant record of anti-Semitic and racist rhetoric, including:

-- CUNY professor Dr. Leonard Jeffries, who has claimed that Jews financed the Atlantic slave trade.

-- Members of the New Black Panther Party, the largest organized anti-Semitic and racist black militant group in America, who will be presented with citations "for their vanguard work in the Millions More Movement and Hurricane Katrina."

-- Members of the Nation of Islam, who will receive a special award "for their hard work on the vision of Minister Louis Farrakhan."

-- Chief Ernie Longwalker and Warrior Woman of the Red Indian Dakota Nation, who spoke at Farrakhan's Million Family March in 2000. At that event, Warrior Woman said that the "imperialists, capitalists and Zionists" control America's resources.

-- Representatives of Dr. Malachi Z. York, the founder of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, a group which has a history of promoting racists and anti-government beliefs. York was sentenced to 135 years in federal prison on child molestation and racketeering charges.


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