Friday, October 14, 2005

Bellbottoms and Peace Signs are Being Replaced as Podcasts Brings a New Wave of Expression

As individuality defines each Podcaster, is influencing the new airwaves with his form of expression.

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) October 14, 2005 -–The technology boom brings with it new ways of doing things, influencing news and how it is received, and changing the airwaves, literally, on a daily basis. Podcasting is the new form of expression. It is unrehearsed, done from the heart, controversial, and very exciting. Currently, over 25 million MP3 players have been sold around the world, with that number only promising to increase dramatically over the next few years.

Podcasting has grown out of this new medium and already has nearly 7 million subscribers. Yet the average Joe is still unaware of this phenomenon. is quickly becoming an “Internet landmark” and subscriber’s favorite among listeners.

Jason Carson, Creator and Producer, is excited about the rapid changes in the music and political environment. “What first attracted me to Podcasting was the idea that I can create any message I want, in any style I want, and share it with an unlimited number of people.”Yahoo has recently announced that they will become the first heavy weight search engine to create the ability for users to find podcasts best suited to their likes, organize podcast directories and even allow listeners to rate and rank the podcasts.

Though there are a few sites already offering his ability, Yahoo brings a larger audience to the table. “I think this is great for Podcasting,” states Jason Carson. “I produce for the audience and community it develops. This venture by Yahoo only helps. Other search engines will follow suit soon. It is the wave of the future.”

Yahoo and other search engines are betting on the fact that Podcasting will become the future of the search request. Text as opposed to audio and video is quickly becoming the “Old” format. People no longer want to rummage through pages of text when they can listen to a podcast in their own time. Even well-known TV broadcasters are doing podcasts as well at movie critiques. Jason Carson easily expresses his impressions of his podcasts along with the entire new form of media, “I've heard it said that the popularity of Podcasting can be attributed to the many advantages inherent in the technology such as time shifting, being able to control what content you receive using subscriptions, etc.

Others will tell you it's the ever growing number of new and original podcasts and artists emerging from the wasted landscape left by years of shameless corporate radio. I agree with all of that. But, for me, as I'm sure it is with countless others that have discovered Podcasting; It's total freedom of expression that I have when I record. No scripts. No censors. Just honesty. That simply cannot, and does not, exist in any other form of media or distribution channel out there today.”


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