Thursday, October 13, 2005

Secret Confession and True Confessions: Would You Confess To Having An Affair With Your Boss If You Had Complete Anonymity?

Detroit, MI (PRWEB) October 13, 2005 -- There's nothing more comforting than knowing that others harbor thoughts just as sick and weird as our own.

On that score, consider as comforting as it gets. This web site is filled with enough secret confessions to keep a diocese of priests busy 24/7.

As a venue for true confession, the Internet is becoming the perfect space to admit sin sans judgment.

“Cyber confession has become a growing method of secular absolution,” says editor James Wilson. Marrying soul-searching to the convenience of the Net, electronic tell-all parallels today's push for the quick fix, providing armchair confessors with instant release.

"I was interested in the secret confessions of other people as it relates to their relationships." Explains Wilson. "What they've done and whether or not it might alter my perception about the basic nature of humanity. Every time I go on the site I think, 'these are the people I share this world with.'"

And why should priests get to hear all the good stuff? But Lousy In Bed isn't stealing business from the Church. The true confessions on the site, don't seem the stuff of priestly absolution.

Unlike church-goers, those making confessions to Lousy In Bed are not granted absolution, but they seek solace in the chance to speak what cannot be spoken to another living soul.

How do you tell anyone something like this: "I once slept with my boyfriend’s best friend after he offered me $1,000."

Ultimately, says Jim, Lousy In Bed provides its confessors with relief. "I genuinely believe that. Every time you talk about something you feel a measure of relief," says Wilson. "And it's the small private revelations that surprise me the most. "

What makes confessing in this manner so peculiar is the act of telling no one yet telling so many at the same time. "It's anonymous but broadcast to millions," says Wilson.

The flip side to this, he says, is it has a tendency to attract those prone to boasting.

("I kick butt in the bedroom. People see it too, and then they think it's weird that I'm kind of conceited when it comes to my bedroom skills. But they aren't the ones kicking so much butt"). Several of the other online confessions seem to exist only to provide a forum to brag about sexual prowess and perversion.

One of the more shocking entries Wilson has seen of late was this: "I want my girlfriend to depend on me in ways no one could imagine. One time as she was leaving the house, I secretly flattened her car tire just so she would need me to fix it."

If misery loves company, there's plenty of it out there. "These secret confessions shine a spotlight into the many dim corners of our collective psyches," Says Wilson.For more information, visit


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