Friday, October 14, 2005

Poor Water Quality? The Fridge May Be to Blame

(NUI) - There's one water source that many people are forgetting about when aiming to improve the water quality in their homes: the refrigerator.

With scientists finding more and more contaminants in fresh water sources, it's no wonder people are going to great measures to filter their drinking water. But even though many refrigerators with water and ice dispensers already contain a water filter, upkeep is necessary for good water quality.

"To ensure clean drinking water and ice from the refrigerator's dispensing system, the filter must be changed every six months," said Ray Scardigno, president of, a leading retailer of water filters.

"Refrigerator water filters are designed to purify a certain volume of water, and once they have dispensed that amount, they lose effectiveness."

Those who neglect changing their refrigerator's water filter may be in for a disturbing surprise. Poor filtration can allow chemical contaminants - from household cleaners, solvents, petroleum products and pesticides - to pass right through the refrigerator's water and ice system. Metal contaminants, such as lead and mercury, can pass through as well.

Furthermore, Environmental Protection Agency regulations currently don't require certain parasites to be removed from municipalities' water supplies.

Knowing this would make anyone with a refrigerator water and ice dispenser cringe. But what should you do if your refrigerator doesn't have a filtration system in the water and ice dispensing unit? Scardigno recommends purchasing an inline water filter that is easy to install and designed to fit most refrigerators.

"Most of us never think about our refrigerator water filters unless the water gets cloudy, starts tasting funny, someone gets sick or the refrigerator's lines or mechanical devices stop working properly," Scardigno said. "But disciplined replacement at scheduled intervals will ensure clear, crisp, safe drinking water and extend the life of the refrigerator."

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