Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fathers Rights Expert Says Divorced Fathers Can Win Custody and Less Child Support

/24-7PressRelease/ - LAKE FOREST PARK, WA, October 26, 2005 - Fathers in a custody or child support battle should not listen to the many voices saying "you're screwed," but should immediately learn winning techniques other fathers have used to win.

"Stop losing out to the ex-wife on custody rights, child support, and property settlements," explained Dennis Gac, a Fathers Rights Expert who learned from his own divorce how to help other men. "You really can write your own ticket, using powerful and compelling strategies that gain equal rights in a very prejudicial system."

When Gac was faced with a divorce 18 years ago, he said he was not prepared for how prejudiced the system was against him and in favor of his wife. He very quickly learned the methods that were necessary to turn that around.

"Once I learned what really works, I was able to obtain fairness against an extremely disagreeable ex-wife. Shared custody, lower child support and a fair property settlement resulted after I learned the correct approach and legal techniques," said Gac.

His own case was just the beginning. Gac now teaches other men to represent themselves in court, saving them thousands. His methods bring men justice and fairness that they could not otherwise afford.

Gac provides legal information through a complete program of manuals and recorded instructions that can enable any father to quickly and easily master winning strategies. The "Complete Father's Rights Protection System" is a training program that is easy to follow, and simple to implement.

"You will be able to lower or eliminate your child support, gain custody of your kids, and regain your rights as a father. These techniques work, and you don't need an expensive lawyer to have this kind of success," said Gac.

Learning about fathers rights is not just about fathers and their kids. When a father loses his rights with his children and pays too much in child support, there is an impact on the entire paternal side of the family. This can include his new wife, fiancee or girlfriend, and the paternal grandmother and grandfather.

The program was created by Gac and is made available on the Internet at through the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights. The materials provided in this complete package help fathers to overcome difficulties with child support, visitation, custody, divorce, paternity, wage garnishments, license suspensions, and more.

The system gives fathers enough solid information about what others have done in similar situations to either represent themselves in court, or allows Fathers to help their attorneys to be more effective.

Dennis M. Gac


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