Saturday, December 31, 2005

USW Condemns President Bush's Refusal to Implement Quota on Surging Standard Pipe Imports from China

WASHINGTON, Dec. 30 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Leo W. Gerard,
international president of the United Steelworkers
(USW), issued the following react statement on today's
decision by President Bush to not implement the
requested quota on surging imports of China standard

"Our pipe workers and their families were delivered a
stunning blow by President Bush in his refusal to
enforce America's trade laws following our
government's own investigation that showed China
imports are unfairly surging into the U.S. market.

"It's clear that President Bush has told American
workers that he's not on their side when it comes to
advocating a message of fair trade with China.

"Congress passed the Section 421 provision of our
trade law in 2000 in direct response to the accession
of China to the World Trade Organization as a message
that America expects all member countries to play by
the rules.

"Today's refusal to implement a reasonable quota on a
tidal wave of standard pipe imports from China
reinforces the Administration's lack of response to
China's currency manipulation and the record trade

"USW members are not going to accept this presidential
determination. We will be raising our voices in the
2006 election to send the message that America's fair
trade laws must be enforced. We cannot afford the loss
of family-supportive jobs to unfair trade by China."

The USW represents most of the 2,500 pipe workers
employed at the affected companies who filed the
petition: Allied Tube & Conduit Corp.; IPSCO Tubulars
Inc.; Maruichi American Corp.; Maverick Tube Corp.;
Sharon Tube Co.; Western Tube & Conduit Corp.; and
Wheatland Tube Co. These companies operate plants in
Arizona, Arkansas, California, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio,
Pennsylvania and Tennessee.


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