Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Century Council Supports Underage Drinking Bills Recently Proposed In Pennsylvania

WASHINGTON, Dec. 13 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The Century
Council, a national not-for-profit organization funded
by America's leading distilled spirits producers and
dedicated to fighting drunk driving and underage
drinking, supports effective and enforceable penalties
such as those proposed in S.B. 620, S.B. 781, H.B.
959, and S.B. 969 for adults who provide alcohol to
underage persons or allow underage persons to use an
adult's identification to purchase alcohol and for
people under the age of 21 who are in violation of the
Commonwealth's underage drinking laws. In addition,
The Council supports comprehensive enforcement and
increased publicity of underage drinking laws and
penalties, responsible retailing efforts, evaluation
of federal and state funded programs, and
comprehensive policies at institutions of higher
education to reduce underage drinking that include
enforcement and awareness programs.

Despite the nation's significant progress over the
past 20 years, underage drinking is an on-going
concern for communities across the nation. In
Pennsylvania last year 7,273 youth under the age of 18
were arrested for liquor law violations and 583 were
arrested for driving under the influence.

The Century Council believes collective community
action combined with strong and effective legislation
can have a greater impact than individual efforts and
applauds the members of the Senate Law and Justice
Committee and the House Liquor Control Committee
especially Sen. John Rafferty (R-44), Sen. Sean Logan
(D-45), Rep. Ron Raymond (R-162) and Rep. Robert
Donatucci (D- 185) for their leadership to reduce
underage drinking. The Century Council stands ready to
assist the Pennsylvania General Assembly in this
important endeavor that will ultimately save lives.
For more information on the Council's efforts to fight
underage drinking please visit
http://www.fightunderagedrinking.org or



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