Saturday, October 22, 2005

President Discusses Mehlis Report from United Nations

THE PRESIDENT: Today, the United Nations issued what is called the Mehlis Report. It's a report into the death of Prime Minister Hariri of Lebanon, and the report is deeply disturbing. The report suggests that it is -- strongly suggests that the politically motivated assassination could not have taken place without Syrian involvement.

I called Secretary Rice this morning and instructed her to call upon the United Nations to convene a session as quickly as possible to deal with this very serious matter. We have made it clear that the position of the United States is that there be no foreign involvement in Lebanon. The United Nations made that clear through Resolution 1559. And today, a serious report came out that requires the world to look at it very carefully and respond accordingly.

Thank you all, very much.
END 11:52 A.M. PDT


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