Thursday, October 27, 2005

Embassy of Jordan Statement on 'Al-Shatat' Program

To: National and International desks, Television Writer

Contact: Merissa Khurma of Embassy of Jordan, 202-265-1606

WASHINGTON, Oct. 27 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The following was released today by the Embassy of Jordan on the program 'Al Shatat':

Embassy of Jordan -- Washington, D.C.

Information Bureau

Official Statement

It has come to our attention that a controversial program entitled "Al-Shatat" or "The Diaspora" has been broadcast from an independent/private channel entitled "Al-Mamnou" operating from the Media Free Zone in Jordan, which is not subject to Jordanian Law.

The Media Free Zone can lease broadcasting stations, studios and related technical services without prior consent of the government.

The program itself was not broadcast from any Jordanian channel.

"Al-Shatat" drew concerns for inciting hate. Accordingly, the program has been stopped from the private channel as of Tuesday, October 25th 2005. The termination was only done through personal intervention of responsible Jordanians and after discussions with Mr. Walid Al-Hadeedi, the owner of the "Al-Mamnou'" channel.

The Free Media Zone broadcasts different programs through eighty four different channels and more channels are expected to emerge from the zone in the near future. The Government of Jordan does not monitor or control the content of any program broadcasting from the free zone, be it news, culture, entertainment, sports or any other items. This is in accordance with the agreement signed between the government of Jordan and the Media Free Zone which is, in turn, affiliated with the Arab Media Corporation ART.


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