Monday, November 07, 2005

Oldest Mom's Twins Turn One; Twins of 57-Year-Old Celebrate 1st Birthday; 26,644 Diapers Later Aleta St. James is Still Living Her Dream

NEW YORK, Nov. 7 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Internationally acclaimed success coach, Aleta St. James, garnered worldwide attention last November when she became the second oldest woman in America, and oldest woman in NY, to give birth to twins three days shy of her 57th birthday, adding motherhood to her personal and professional accomplishments. This month, Aleta's children, Gian and Francesca Sliwa, will be celebrating their first birthday at MY GYM a children's play center, at 22 West 66th St. (b/w Columbus Ave. and CPW)

"Fulfilling the dream of becoming a mother has been challenging," says Aleta. "But because I took action on what I truly desired, I am more inspired, empowered and productive than I have ever been."

November brings new challenges and inspiration to Aleta's life. Mommy will turn 58 and begin sharing her work of 25 years in her self-help book, Life Shift, Let Go and Live Your Dream (Fireside Hardcover/Simon and Schuster, Nov. 9), due to be released on the twins first birthday. Her book instructs readers on how to fulfill their dreams.

Aleta has dedicated her life to helping thousands of clients to shift from feeling stuck and unfulfilled to overcoming obstacles and going for what they truly want. She has used the same techniques she shares in Life Shift in her own life, to achieve what many people would have considered an impossible dream.

"I could never accomplish all of this without using these techniques. They are an integral part of my success, while I juggle the demands of running my own company, as a single parent and mother of twins," Aleta says.

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In addition to lectures and seminars, Aleta St. James has joined forces with Dr. Ming Jin (renowned infertility specialist) to create a holistic fertility center. Aleta is also director of the body-mind connection section of Dr. Frederic Vagnini's Longevity Centers of New York, and the Director of the Stress Management Programs for the Focus 28 anti-aging center in Westchester, N.Y. She has received accolades in the alternative healing community and has impacted the lives of celebrities (including Estee Lauder's spokeswoman and supermodel Caroline Murphy, and designer author Todd Oldham), as well as men and women from all walks of life.


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